Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I followed a rainbow and found nothing but pocket change.

I lay there in the wet grass, wondering if at any moment the 
invisible columns that held up the sky would collapse under 
the weight of heaven itself. The expanse of it all was 
bewildering, and the realization that the God Bird was 
watching everything was.... pretty terrifying.

And yet, it was comforting at the same time-like I had 
a protector... a guardian to take care of me when I 
forgot how to. Which is a lot of the time these days. I never 
realized the hope that could be contained within such a 
moment...or how much free time I've had on my hands. 

But it was over just as soon as it began.

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J●Me™ said...

Hey! I just wanted to tell you , I'm a new reader to your blog. I do not follow people, but I do add people to my coolness list on my blog :]