Monday, December 22, 2008

Smile. It's the Revolution.

"When the dark flood camewe wrapped ourselves inside a dirty blanket, citing different opinions on whether we should move. When the houses came, they ate up everyone like they were fishes saying, "come on, come on. Its the end of the world." And then I saw your face... you're turning skin into a dirty secret. I watched the beauties, watched the fire and the fire burn the beauty in their eyes. When I took the blame, we layed in ruins trying to quote your phrase... we're yelling, "someone's got the answers, but I'd rather think there's nothing to be found." If you knew I was dying would it change you? So when you see me falling backwards down the wall that says I'm still alive, don't be cautious when I'm cautiously approaching on the other side. Everybody has their reasons, that's the reason we're all going to die. Because if seeing is believing, then believe that we have lost our eyes." -Manchester Orchestra

At the moment when all but our sanity seems lost, who are we to deny the fate that eventually comes to every person? At this moment, the idea of being talented enough to juggle seems quite appealing to my initial instincts before I realize the very absurdity of it. I personally am surely not coordinated enough to juggle anything more than 2 extracurriculars, must less 2 balls in a circus. But who didn't dream of running away to be a clown or a tight-rope walker in a traveling circus as a child? 

Of course, when one thinks of a circus, they first think of bright lights and vivid colors... creepy and irritating clowns... beautiful acrobats and horses. Almost as if they aren't even human, but creatures without limitation. You see, my only problem with a fantasy such as this is that I dream mostly in black and white... I pretty much am forever limited to my uncoordinated human state. I could never walk on a rope 100 feet off the ground, nor could I ride a tricycle while balancing on the saddle of a horse. 

The whole idea of a "talent" is that you can do something completely unique, something that nobody else can do in the same way. Ever. Although I could never be a juggler in a traveling circus...I can speak fluent gibberish, have mastered the art of sarcasm, and can stay up for 3 nights straight. Probably not considered talent, but it's the best I can do.

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