Thursday, December 25, 2008

Slower. Talk like we are children. Why? Because we are.

Merry Christmahanukkah everyone! I find myself today completely exhausted after a long night with my younger sis and an early start with Santa this morning promptly at 6:30 A.M. Although I am indeed lacking on some much needed shuteye, it was still magical watching her open her gifts like a little kid. However, being the pyromaniac and aspiring photographer that I am, I was put in charge of 2 things: starting the fire and taking "memories"... better known to the outside world as photos. My camera is still pretty screwed up from an unfortunate incident last year involving great amounts of snow, concrete, and incoordination, and therefore was not having as good of a morning as the rest of us were. I eventually just gave up and grabbed myself a large cup of green tea and watched my sister kill at least 5 trees in 5 minutes. Almost a record. 

Apparently I have this really weird and quirky habit with presents that comes from my grandfather... I absolutely HATE ripping my wrapping paper, and therefore become well-acquainted with a pocket knife for an hour or so. I swear, I have been like this my entire life. Shocker!

I am going to go finish up cleaning around here and then maybe sneak some extra sleep while everyone is watching old black-and-whites and finishing presents later. We shall see....


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