Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Ignorance of Bliss and the Convenience of Pain.

Here's to the gloriously broken, and those who helped them fall.
Here's to the cruelly successful, and those who have it all.
Here's to the forgotten, those left to their own vice.
And here's to the remembered who quit on playing nice.

How ironic. How beautifully we have fallen apart. I don't think we could have ripened with age any better than this. I mean, look at us. Look at what we put ourselves through just so we can scoff and internally say "Well, don't I look so much better than you?" Pride is the price we pay for a lifetime of throwing ourselves at the past. For coveting the lives of those we love and condemning the lives of those we hate. It is the most convenient of methods to achieving an eternally 'youthful' stamina.

We inject our imperfections with harsh preservative chemicals and airbrush away those that are stubborn. We've used so much gas between trips to the spa that we have virtually eliminated all that was left of the yin and yang in our lives. Or maybe that was just your lunch after a trip to the gym.

You would imagine that one would be trying to look older.

Personally, I would rather be pudgy but filled with life than be a twig and have it literally sucked out of me. Personal opinion. 


♥Jamie! said...

I believe I've told you this before, but I want to say it again; You are an amazing writer! I oh so very much love your blog :)

pherenike said...
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pherenike said...

Truth spoken so eloquently.
Are the photos on your blog also your own?