Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Wizard Couldn't Have Said It Better.

"I know what you're thinking, but I'm not your property, no matter what you say. Move along, there's nothing left to see. Just a body, nothing left to see. A couple more for breakfast, a little more for tea... just to take the edge off. Move along, there's nothing left to see. Just a body, pouring down the street. Move along, there is nothing left to see. Just a body, nothing left to see. Move along."

I think I could say what I was thinking if only I knew. There is something that claws at the inside of me, a sort of animal... a lion perhaps, or maybe a crab. It eats at my resolve as insistently as would a degenerate disease, waiting until I crack. A passionate flame emerged from long-indulged hibernation.

There are just too many questions without any plausible answer. Eventually, I know I will have to come to terms with whatever these may be, though I am not too sure if I will necessarily like them anyway. Perhaps that is not the issue. Perhaps that is. Perhaps that is all they were intended for to begin with.


Bryn Bodayle said...

you make me so happy. i love you and that song.

Katie - Twilight Chick said...

Love this!