Friday, February 20, 2009

The Holes in Your Pockets, the Secrets in Your Eyes.

 A dry evening and the forging silver stars mark the beginning of a splendid weekend brimming with curious smiles and secrets whispered underneath the covers. A bazillion cups of tea consumed from the daintiest little cups, hand painted flowers and gold-brimmed so one can run their fingertips across in utter enchantment. Unprovoked smiles are indeed the best.

Playing hide-and-seek behind ethereal masks, pretending to be a princess in another life. Wishes upon magical stars diminishing into the ebony carpet of sky between little puffs of warm breath in the cold. We made snow angels without any snow and a new best friend without imagination.

Sometimes I wish I could find some way to escape into a world where everything was just right. Where beauty wasn't just a word uttered from dispassionate lips. I wish by some miracle that I could inherit a small corner, an alcove in which I can be free enough to think and live. 

But the world isn't stainless. There is suffering and darkness, where bad things happen to innocent people. But it is those things that are supposed to make us stronger, not just unveil our weakness. Though we should seek the simple and light things of the world, the beautiful things. The little things that make us smile, even when we don't want to. I wish we could cling to things like that. And maybe then, we could understand better how to love and take care of one another, and not just walk away when things stop being so convenient or easy as you'd like. Hang on for a little while. Seek the people and the things that inspire you. That's when you'll know. I'm not sure how, when, or why, but you will.


Annie said...

just wanted to say that i adore your masthead and your playlist... sufjan is a god. your blog is absolutely lovely!

Yoli said...

Beauty and magic lie within sweet lady. Just look at what beautiful you have created.

adecadentthing said...

those were wise, and beautiful words you written. you write with so much depth, and emotion, i love your blog

xoxo, adecadentthing