Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You'll ask for the moon, I'll give you a moon pie.

My dearest friends and readers! It is good to be home, safe and cozy in my special little corner. So very much I have missed reading your precious comments and reading your delightful and encouraging blogs. Please forgive me in my absence. 

There are no stronger words than to say that everything in my life has decided to take a complete reverse direction! I believe I referred to it as the teacup effect in my most recent post. This has been a large cause of my unseemly vacancy these weeks, though I am sad to have missed out on a great deal of your blog postings. They are always so lovely and sweet.

Many cups of tea and animal cookie zoos involved, to the tune of a glorious valentine's day with dark chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. In my holiday, I also entertained some new ideas and possibilities for revamping my writing a bit. Perhaps not necessarily revamping, just making it a little bit more personal. A little more connection to my life, my world that is magically tied to all of yours. I am really looking forward to a fresh new opportunity with this! I do believe that it will (after quite some work) turn out favorably, if I can somehow scrape up the right words! I'll admit I am going to need quite a bit of help with this new project on my hands. Looking forward to feedback!


Bobap said...

why would you change the way you write, its wonderful as is

miss ash said...

hey, keep on writing! you're a great writer!

BTW, how did you make the layout of your blog turn wider?